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Name: Michalis Kevgas
Address: Studio-Atelier: Fotomara 68, 11745 Athens
Tel: +30 210 9214392, +30 210 9219138

Date of Birth: 1945 Kallithea Attiki

Studies: A. T. I. Doxiadi (1969-1971), Interior decorating – Diploma in decoration
Occupation: Sculptor, member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece

Individual Exhibitions

1985: Art Gallery of Piraeus Town Hall

1987: Art Galley “Epipeda”

1994: Art Gallery “Adinor”

1996: National Conservatoire of Athens, (Art Club- Concerto)

1999: Art Gallery “Lavirinthos”, city of Katerini

2000: 43rd Lyceum of Athens

2000: Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Kos (Ippokratia 2000)

2001: Art Gallery “Chrysothemis”

2010: Cultural Center of the Municipality of Syros (Ermoupoleia 2010)

2010: Municipal Gallery of Kallithea "Sofia Laskaridou"

2014 St. John Makrisia Olympia (4th and 5th August)

2015 Municipal Gallery of Piraeus

Group Exhibitions

1985-1994: Art Gallery “Epipeda”

1990: Art Gallery “Adinor”

1992: Art Gallery “Argo”

1999: Art Gallery “Lavirinthos”, city of Katerini

2001: “Technopolis” month of Conjectural Arts

2001: Municipality of Thessaloniki, “Vafopoulos” Cultural Centre, 
1st Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Microsculpture-Miniature (7/12-11/1)

2002: Organization of the Port of Thessaloniki, “Second Storehouse”, National Museum of Modern Arts, 1st Inter-balcanic Exhibition of Modern Microsculpture-Miniature (6-12/12)

2003: Exhibition Hall of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, 
Exhibition of Microsculpture

2004: Exhibition Hall of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Exhibition 
of Painting-Microsculpture-Engraving

2008: Technopolis "90 years of Communist Party of Greece "

2009: Technopolis: "Human figure in art"

2010: EXHIBITION 85 Years Mikis Theodorakis (14 December 2010) EUGENIDES FOUNDATION 

2011: Perama shipyard zone (27 May - 5 June 2011)

2014: Perama shipyard zone (10  - 19 Octomber)

2014 "RESISTANCE NOW". Exhibition of contemporary art, EETE. Municipal Gallery of Athens (October 24 - November 30)

2015 Athens Municipal Gallery, Exhibition EETE: "Revolution Now"

2016: Perama shipyard zone 

2017 "Art and Resistance". Exhibition of contemporary art, EETE. Municipal Gallery of Athens (January 24 - March 12)

2017 Micro-sculpture exhibition, PEKAM-EETE, PEKAM

2017: Perama shipyard zone 


School book, “Antigoni-Filoktitis”, 2nd Grade of Lyceum

School book, “Chemistry”, 3rd Grade of Gymnasium

“Dictionary of Greek Artists”, “ Melissa”

“Odos Panos” literary magazine

“Mandragoras” literary magazine

“Philogoly” literary magazine

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Public display of work

1991: “ Bust of Thanasis Ragazos, Balcan-medalist” (brass) , Stadium 
of Almyros, Volos, Greece

1992: “Embossed side-view of Vasilis Manolopoulos, 
sports sponsor” (brass) “Themistoklio” gym of Piraeus

2011 Sculpture (form-bronze) Municipal theater of Kallithea

Other pieces of work can be found in private collections both 
in Greece and abroad.

A text for my art-work

It is very difficult to write something about your work in an era when words are superfluous, however I content myself with the following…

The theme in my work is anthropocentric and I draw my inspiration from Nature.

Whatever exists around me, either big or small, I try to render in forms, forms that we meet everywhere, in the rocks by the sea, the pebbles, the mountains, the trees, the clouds and whatever Nature has the courtesy to give away.

We can also confine forms in people’s faces, forms of injustice and exploitation, 
forms of loneliness and fear, forms of what we may refer to as “Misfortunes of the People”. Even the stained by dampness and time walls of an abandoned house can hide, if the beholder should take a closer look, an ocean of forms.

Finally, I would like to add, that my work has been widely influenced by all ancient civilizations, especially those of ancient Greece and Byzantium and of course by our people’s cultural heritage.






Michalis Kevgas, artist-sculptor
Studio-Atelier: Fotomara 68, 11745 Athens
Tel: +30 210 9214392, +30 210 9219138